Another Day Spent at the Clinic

I hate the way the word clinic sounds. Still, I take my son to a Club Foot clinic. I respect the doctor we see, he knows his stuff about Club Foot. He was able to identify my son’s foot as atypical on first sight. By the time I got to his “clinic” I already knew my son was atypical. helped me self diagnose.

Although I respect my son’s NYC doctor, the wait there is for hours. Every. Single. Time. Today I got there at 11am and wasn’t seen until after 2pm. The doctor looked at his foot and wasn’t sure why his Ponseti bar’s Mitchell boots were set at differing angles from one another. “He’s unilateral, right, atypical,” I explained. We’ve been seeing this doctor every four weeks for the past six months, but he doesn’t remember us. We’re only a number at the clinic.

My son is doing well, thankfully. I know this from consulting regularly with the doctor who we drove to Iowa to see, Dr. M. After 13 casts that either slipped or fell off I took my son to the best in the business, and yes, Iowa is Oz for Clubfoot. Emerald City. Not Ohio. Not Idaho. Iowa. Think it’s crazy to leave NYC to go to Iowa to see a doctor? So did I. Ponseti treatment originated there and it thrives there.

I’m frustrated. I’m mad for my kid and every other Clubfoot kid that has to wait hours to see a doctor who doesn’t remember them. I’m annoyed for every parent who knows more about Clubfoot than plenty of doctors practicing on children as if they’re guinea pigs. The doctor at the clinic is not included in those trial by fire doctors. His associate, I’m not so sure about. Either way, a major change is needed. I left there today wanting to explode! I shared information with some other parents, while they waited, and directed them to good Internet Clubfoot information. I preached the word of Ponseti. I still left unsatisfied. My son went into size 1 boots today. He’s my Superman, but the Clubfoot community needs a lot of saving. I’m strapping the S to my chest too. Mom on a mission.



Not a Typical Foot

I didn’t know what Clubfoot was.  It was one of those things that I’d possibly heard the term.  The ob/gyn told us that our son would have it at our 16 week appointment.   We were scared.  We had a Materni21 test to scan for all types of scary things.  He wasn’t going to have those scary things.  The doctors tried to convince us that Clubfoot wasn’t a scary thing.  Clubfoot is scary.  Why lie? Why down play it? Why not be blunt? I am blunt.  I sometimes wonder why I was given a child with this deformity, yes deformity.  Does that word scare or offend you? It shouldn’t.  It’s just fact and sometimes life and facts are scary.  Frightening.  You want to be able to trust, believe and blindly follow your doctor.  Simply, don’t. Question, research, do your home work. This is your child. I went from knowing nothing about Clubfoot to advocating for children and identifying atypical club foot from internet pictures in the last 9 months.  I educated myself for the well being and best possible treatment of my child.  I am passionate and I care about these feet, possibly more than anything I’ve ever cared about before. Randomly I remember my quote in my high school year book “Some of the people you never cared to know are some of the people you never knew to care for.” I made the quote up myself and it applies to my life today. Clubfoot people are my “people” and I really care. If you do too, follow my blog.